Android Files Not Showing Up On Pc Fix The Issue

Android Files Not Showing Up On Pc Fix The Issue


Connecting both devices with a USB connection is the quickest way to transfer material from an Android phone to a PC or vice versa. In most circumstances, the connection is flawless, but there are occasions when the computer fails to identify the phone. In this article, we are going to show you fix a problem of android files not showing up on pc. So keep reading to know more on this topic

Why does this problem occur?

For many years, wireless communication has been the dominating trend in mobile technology. Our Android phones can utilize the cloud to send and receive data, connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi, stream audio to our headsets, and charge wirelessly without the requirement of wires.

Although almost all Android smartphones can wirelessly connect to a PC, most of us prefer to transmit data the old-fashioned way. The conventional technique offers the advantage of quicker transmission speeds and a more reliable connection.

Unfortunately, things may not always work properly, and your mobile device may not even identify your PC. When you connect your Android smartphone to your PC, Windows recognizes it as an MTP connection and installs the necessary drivers, allowing you to see it in File Explorer.

If you’re rooting your device and using it as an emulator for an Android Studio/Eclipse project or installing a fresh ROM, you’ll need to install the ADB driver.  This permits your PC to transmit commands to your device, but it has a tendency to utilize the default MTP settings, which may cause your device to disappear from my computer.  

How to Repair What Doesn’t Display on PC When Using an Android Phone

If you are having issues with your PC or Android smartphone, please use this form to contact us. We can gladly assist you with any issues you may be experiencing with your device. However, we ask that you make an accurate assessment and provide a specific response in as much detail as possible.

Before attempting any of the troubleshooting methods indicated below, it is essential that you restart your computer and Android phone. This step refreshes the operating system and deletes the harmful temporary data that is causing the issue.

Experiment with a Different USB Cable

One of the most common reasons for this problem is a defective USB cable, which should be addressed first. Connect your phone to a different USB port and see if it makes a difference. Check to see if there is an issue with the Android phone appearing on the PC. This method might help you up to get back your needs.

Carefully Clean the USB Port

Dirt and debris getting into your computer’s USB connection may prevent your phone from connecting. Examine the USB ports on your computer and phone to check whether this is the source of the problem; any debris detected may be removed with a toothpick. Check to see if there is an issue with the Android phone appearing on the PC. 

Plug your gadget into your computer

Depending on the manufacturer, this option may be referred to differently, such as “File Transfer” or “Device File Manager.” Examine the Android phone’s display on the PC for any problems. Examine the Android phone’s display on the PC for any issues.

Install the most recent MTP driver

Examine whether your computer’s phone is correctly detected. Select Devices and Printers from the Control Panel. If you can locate the name of your Android device, the MTP connection is active. If your device supports MTP or is not clear, you may need to update some drivers. Make a portable device and see whether it exists. The Update Driver dialog box will ask you if you want the driver detected automatically or manually on your machine.

Select Another Driver

Allow me to select from a list of available device drivers on my computer” should be selected. Select the MTP USB device by clicking on it, then click Next. A new driver must be installed in lieu of the old one. Then wait for the procedure to complete. Your Android phone should now display as a media device in File Manager. Keep in mind, though, that the ADB driver is not to blame for your phone not displaying on your PC. There are various possible explanations for this problem, which may appear on devices that have never used the ADB driver.


With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of methods for making your phone appear in File Explorer again. Hopefully, the methods we discussed above can solve your problem of android files not showing up on pc. We strongly advise you to begin from the first method and wait for progress until you discover the way that works best for you.

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