How To Stop Email From Going To Junk
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How To Stop Email From Going To Junk

To stop email from going to junk, add the sender’s address to your contact list or safe sender list. There is usually a way to accomplish this with email systems. You can also mark messages from the sender as “not junk” or “not spam.”

Check your spam filter settings

Like most people, you probably have a spam filter in your email program to help keep unwanted junk mail out of your inbox. But did you know that your spam filter can inadvertently block wanted email, too? It’s important to periodically check your spam filter settings to ensure they’re not too restrictive.

Here’s how to do it in two of the most popular email programs, Microsoft Outlook and Gmail.

In the Junk email dialog box, ensure the protection level is set to Low or below. You may add any email addresses or domains you want to receive by selecting the Safe Senders option.

Click on the link labeled “Create a new filter” at the bottom of the page as you scroll down. Enter the email address or domain from which you want to receive an email in the From field and click on the Create Filter button.

If you find that you’re still not receiving some email that you want, your ISP may be blocking the sender’s email server. 

Address book contacts can be added

You may add a sender’s email address to your address book to guarantee that emails from that sender always get in your inbox and aren’t flagged as spam. There is often an address book in email systems where you may keep contact information.

To add a sender to your address book in Gmail, open an email from the sender you want to add, then click the down arrow next to Reply. Add to Contacts by clicking.

Open the email you wish to add from in Outlook, then click the down arrow next to Reply. Add to Contacts List by clicking.

If you use another email program, consult its documentation to learn how to add contacts to your address book.

Mark emails as “not spam”

If you’re using Gmail, Outlook, or another email service, you can mark emails as “not spam” to make sure they don’t go to your junk folder in the future. Here’s how:

In Gmail, open the email and click the More icon. Select Report, not spam.

In Outlook, open the email and click the Junk icon. Select Not Junk.

By taking this action, you’re telling the email service that the message is not spam and that you want to receive future messages from the sender.

Use a different email service

If you’re tired of your email going to your junk folder, you may consider using a different email service. By changing to a different email service, you can often stop email from going to junk.

One reason may be that your current email service has a poor spam filter. Another reason may be that you’re on a shared IP address, and another user on that IP address has been sending spam.

If you’re using a free email service like Gmail or Yahoo, you may consider upgrading to a paid email service. Paid email services often have better spam filters and aren’t on shared IP addresses.

Simply changing your email address can often stop email from going to junk. This is because spam filters often use your email address to determine whether or not to send your email to junk.


It’s essential to check your computer for viruses regularly to help stop email from going to junk. Viruses can cause email to be sent to junk folders or even prevent email from being delivered. Running a virus scan with your favourite anti-virus software can help to remove any viruses that may be present and help keep your email inbox clean.

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