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Questions to Ask to Get To Know Someone

Getting to know someone new can be daunting, no matter how easy it seems. How do you start questions to ask to get to know someone? Where do you even begin when trying to build a connection with someone? In order to successfully get to know somebody, you need the right questions, ones that provide meaningful answers and are appropriate for all occasions. Whether you’re getting together over skype, coffee or at an event, here’s a list of some great questions that will help you connect in no time!

What Are Your Favorite Books, Movies, or TV Shows?

One of the questions I love to ask someone when getting to know them is what their favorite books, movies, and TV shows are. Everyone has different interests and passions so these items can often tell a lot about who they are. My personal favorites include flip-flopping between crime novels by James Patterson and autobiographies of some of my inspirations. Nonfiction keeps me rooted in reality while fiction allows me to detach from the world for a bit. As for movies and tv shows, I love any captivating drama or heartwarming story that puts me in another world. The great thing about media is that there’s always something new to dive into!

What Is Your Favorite Food and Where Do You Like to Eat It?

One of my all-time favorite foods is pizza, which I enjoy eating both in the comfort of my own home and in a restaurant. I especially look forward to sharing pizza with friends, as it often creates a unique bonding experience between us that involves questions about toppings, questions that can reveal a lot about someone’s preferences and personality. It’s always fascinating to discuss questions like ‘What’s your favorite food? Are you a thin crust or thick crust lover? What kind of toppings do you like best?’ These questions might not seem significant but they truly give insight into the person I’m talking to. That is why this particular meal has become an important part of getting to know new people.

Do You Prefer the City or the Country Life (Or Somewhere in Between)?

Everyone has their own preferences in lifestyle, and questions like “Do you prefer the city life or the country life?” can be a great way to get to know someone. For me personally, I think that finding a balance between both worlds is ideal. Being able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city living while at the same time having access to peace and relaxation in nature can bring a fulfillment that neither extreme provides on its own. Although there are pros and cons to both lifestyles, when given the opportunity, I always take advantage of being able to experience an even mix of both.

What Is Your Dream Job/Career and Why Did You Choose It?

My dream job is to be a television host, a career I’ve been passionate about since my youth. I love learning and discovering new stories, meeting different people from all walks of life, and having meaningful conversations. As a host, I’d also have an opportunity to ask questions that can make us pause, ponder and reflect on life’s questions. By bringing together diverse backgrounds, opinions and perspectives around questions such as “What defines true success?” or “How do we build a more just society?”, I believe we can better understand our place in the world. These questions are part of an effort to share knowledge with those who may never have had access to it before offering them insight into how questions can shape understanding about the world around us.

Are You an Early Bird or a Night Owl (Or Something in Between)?

Are you an early bird or a night owl? That is a question that often comes up when getting to know someone. It can be telling about their schedule and lifestyle habits, whether they are naturally drawn to the morning sunshine or prefer the nocturnal atmosphere for productivity. For some of us, it depends on the time of year we may enjoy being active late at night during summer but migrate towards more daytime hours in winter. Others may be somewhere in between, comfortable with staying up a little later than normal during the week and sleeping in late on weekends. Answering questions such as these can allow another person insight into how we like to manage our time and regards to rest and activity. That alone can be enlightening!


There are endless possibilities for interesting conversation starters when getting to know someone new. The key is to be genuine in your questions and interest, and to really listen to the answers. If you’re curious about the person sitting across from you, they will sense it and likely open up more. These icebreaker questions are just a starting point Question use them as a springboard into deeper conversations and connections with the people around you.

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