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It has been a trending topic for many weeks now that New York Mayor Eric Adams has been posing in Pushpa style like Allu Arjun. This was unexpected, but he has taken it in his stride and done a great job of bringing out the best of both worlds.

Who is Eric Adams?

Eric Adams is the current Mayor of New York City. He was elected in 2021, succeeding Bill de Blasio, and is the city’s first Black Mayor. A Brooklyn native, Adams served in the New York State Senate from 2007 to 2013, representing the 20th District. He is a retired NYPD captain and a fervent advocate for gun control, public health, and civic engagement

In addition to his political career, Adams is an accomplished martial artist and has recently taken to posing in Pushpa style in a homage to the Allu Arjun movie of the same name. This has gained him much attention on social media, and his followers have praised him for his commitment to learning and exploring different cultures.

Who is Allu Arjun?

Allu Arjun is one of the most well-known and successful actors in the Telugu film industry. He has appeared in various movies and is known for his exceptional dancing skills. Recently, New York Mayor Eric Adams has also taken part in the trend of posing in the popular “Pushpa style” made famous by Allu Arjun in his 2019 movie Pushpa. 

Mayor Adams was seen sporting a stylish jacket and a pair of glasses similar to the ones Allu Arjun wore in the movie. The unique pose has become a rage amongst Telugu fans, and it was great to see the Mayor joining in the fun. It is a great way to show his support and appreciation for the Telugu movie industry.

The Pushpa Style Trend

The Pushpa Style Trend is on the rise in New York City. This trend was recently seen when New York Mayor Eric Adams posed in Pushpa style like Allu Arjun, the famous Telugu actor. The Pushpa style is a form of dance popularized by Allu Arjun, with its signature hip-hop and b-boy moves. 

This dance style is a fusion of traditional Indian dance combined with street dance from India and the United States. Mayor Adams’s rendition of the Pushpa style was impressive and has gone viral on social media. It has become a trend among the younger population of New York City, who are eager to try this new style of dance. 

With this trend’s popularity, many hope it will help bridge the gap between traditional Indian dance and the street dance styles of the United States. The Pushpa Style Trend is an exciting new way to get people of all ages and backgrounds to connect and learn something new.

Eric Adams Poses in Pushpa Style

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently made headlines for posing in Pushpa style like the famous South Indian movie star Allu Arjun. The Mayor, who has served in his current position since 2014, was seen in a series of photos that went viral on social media, where he was sporting traditional Indian attire and striking a pose similar to the one Allu Arjun is known for. Adams has advocated for Indian culture and has shown his admiration for Indian cinema.

The Pushpa style, popularized by Allu Arjun in the movie Pushpa, is a way of presenting oneself with confidence and poise. The Mayor has been a strong supporter of the Indian culture and has been seen at various Indian cultural events, showing his appreciation for the Indian culture. The Mayor has also been vocal in supporting the Indian American community, having recently spoken out against anti-Indian hate crimes in the city.

The Mayor’s Pushpa-style pose symbolizes his support for the Indian community and his admiration for Indian culture. By recreating the pose of Allu Arjun, the Mayor is showing that he is not only supportive of the Indian community but that he also appreciates the culture and film industry that the actor represents. The Mayor’s pose has become iconic and will indeed become a source of pride for the Indian American community.

Public’s Response to Eric Adams’ Pushpa Style Pose

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has been making headlines recently with his Pushpa-style pose shared on his social media. The Mayor’s post has been shared widely, and it has sparked a strong reaction from the public. Adams’ pose mimics the iconic Pushpa style of Allu Arjun, an Indian actor well-known for his action and dance sequences. The Mayor’s pose was a pleasant surprise for many fans of the actor. Many were delighted, commenting on the Mayor’s commitment to learning the dance style and showing his appreciation for the South Indian culture. Others praised the Mayor for taking the time to learn the complex dance moves and showing a willingness to try something new.

The Mayor’s pose was met with bemusement for those unfamiliar with the Pushpa style. Some questioned why the Mayor was taking time to learn a dance style associated with a South Indian movie star. Others questioned the appropriateness of the Mayor sharing the pose on a public platform. However, the overwhelming majority of the public supported the Mayor’s actions. They viewed it as a sign of appreciation for the culture of South India and a way to show that he is willing to learn and be open-minded to different experiences.


New York City Mayor Eric Adams has undoubtedly set the bar high to show that he is just as much a fan of Allu Arjun and his work as the rest of the world. His Pushpa-style photoshoot indicates that he enjoys the actor and his work’s impact on the planet. Seeing a politician willing to put himself out there and show his passion for the art he loves is truly inspiring. This is an example to be followed by many other leaders of the world who should learn to embrace their passions and find ways to use them to create a better future for their people.

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