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What Are Streaks on Snapchat

In the age of social media, it’s important to stay up-to-date with all its new features. Snapchat is no exception! Have you seen snaps from friends boasting a streak number beside their username? Are wondering what those streaks are and curious about how to create one for yourself? Well then, you’re in luck! In this blog post we will explore the mysterious world of Snapchat streaks so that next time someone sends you a snap, you’ll know exactly what they mean. So read on and get ready to start counting your own snapping Streaks!

What Streaks Are on Snapchat and How Do They Work

Streaks on Snapchat are a way for people to track their daily communication with each other. In essence, how many consecutive days two people have sent each other snaps or chats is what determines the Streak. Starting and maintaining a Streak can be a fun challenge for friends or loved ones connected on Snapchat; after three consecutive days of snapping, an emoji next to their username will appear signifying it is officially considered a ‘Streak’. It provides users with something to look forward to, since streaks are easily visible in any conversation thread you have with that person. Although it requires some effort on the part of both parties involved in what are streaks on Snapchat, many consider striving towards longer streaks as a fun and unique ‘friendly competition’ between them.

How Streaks Can Be Beneficial to Users

Streaks are an extremely innovative concept on the popular messaging and media sharing app, Snapchat. Streaks simply indicate how long two users have consecutively sent snaps (pictures or videos) to each other. What is unique about streaks is that they act as positive reinforcement for frequent communication between users, as every time two people send each other a snap, their ‘streak’ count goes up in a fun visual display. Through this concept, not only are friends encouraged to keep up with each others’ activities but it also provides users with increased incentives for being active on the platform, plus it’s a great way to measure the strength of friendships over the long run!

The concept of streaks on Snapchat has grown to be widely popular in recent years. Streaks are a way for users to interact and keep track of their conversations with friends; what essentially happens is that when you and a friend exchange snaps consecutively for several days, each day is added to what is known as your “streak”. 

The streaks are what keeps users engaged, and can even act as reminders that it’s time to send over a snap if they haven’t heard from their friends in awhile. In addition to snap streaks being fun, they can also be beneficial for staying in touch, the longer the streak, the better! All it takes is for users to stay committed and consistent with their conversations, and pretty soon they’ll find themselves on lengthy streaks with their friends.

How Streaks Can Be a Fun Way to Keep in Touch With Friends

Streaks are an increasingly popular means to keep in touch with people. But what exactly are streaks? Streaks on Snapchat are when two users send each other snaps for multiple consecutive days, counting up the number of days they’ve managed to exchange snaps. This can be a great way to maintain regular contact with family and friends, especially if distance is a concern. There’s a certain excitement that comes from challenging yourself to complete a streak; it’s a game in itself! It’s also great motivation to check-in when you otherwise wouldn’t, bringing your conversations and relationships to the next level. Ultimately, what better way is there to strengthen relationships and bring friends closer than by having fun texting each other every day?

Tips for Maintaining Streaks on Snapchat

Streaks on Snapchat are a great way to maintain an ongoing conversation with fellow Snappers, whilst also having the satisfaction of working towards achieving a higher and higher streak with each passing day. However, what do you do if you fail to remember what are streaks on Snapchat? Well, firstly it is essential that you understand what streaks are; a streak is created when two users send messages to each other for consecutive days. To maintain your streak, make sure that both yourself and the friend you’re messaging open and respond to at least one Snapchat message every single day. This will ensure that your streak stays intact, allowing both you and your friend to ride the wave of satisfaction for as long as possible!


Ghost Mode is a new Snapchat feature that lets you share your current location with friends for a set period of time. If you’re feeling Ghost Mode-shy, simply turn it off and go about your day as usual. However, if you want to see how many streaks you can rack up in a day, feel free to turn Ghost Mode on and start snapping away!

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